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RUMOR: Mario Cereal Coming With Box Functioning As An Amiibo

This is an interesting rumor. Apparently Kellogg’s has partnered with Nintendo to produce a Mario Odyssey themed cereal with the box functioning as a special Amiibo. My only concern is if the price of the cereal will increase due to the box having an Amiibo chip included. Do you guys think this rumor is legit?

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Nintendo Switch 2018 lineup; what will be included?

Today is the Switch’s 6 month anniversary! The last 6 months have been both a great time for system owners, receiving already a great lineup of games such as Zelda, Mario Kart, Splatoon 2, and the newly released Mario + Rabbids. The Switch has also had some downsides thus far. Those being lack of stock,

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Nintendo @ Gamescom 2017: The content explosion and what could still come

So, earlier today Nintendo revealed a ton of new info on Splatoon 2, Arms, Fire Emblem Warriors, a new 3DS XL, and more! (Note that some of these times/dates are based for only Europe, but expect similar for here in the US) Lets start off with Splatoon 2. We will be seeing a new stage

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Should we be worried about Nintendo’s E3 Spotlight?

The closer we get to E3 the more excited most of us get. The prospect of seeing new footage of games that we haven’t seen in months as well as a bunch of new announcements. Now we approach a potential dilemma with Nintendo. As we know the Nintendo Spotlight will have a focus of games

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HylianHero98’s Nintendo E3 Predictions

Even though in Nintendo’s Press release on the matter of E3, Nintendo said that the focus would be on 2017 games. Do not lose hope for 2018 reveals! Even though I do believe that they will spend a good amount of time during their E3 presence showing and talking about games releasing this year, I […]

How big will Nintendo’s E3 Presence Be?

Hey Guys! We are just over a month away from the big E3 conference. As we know, the last few years hasn’t been favorable for Nintendo given that last year all they really showed was Zelda and very little new announcements, while 2015 boasted a large amount of lackluster games with a big focus on

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Nintendo Direct Predictions: April 12th 2017

So we have a Nintendo Direct coming tomorrow and I was thinking about some of the things they could talk about and announce. While this direct is mainly focusing on Arms and Splatoon, I cannot see them spending a majority of the time talking about just those. So I am going to discuss my predictions

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Should we worry about Nintendo’s silence on Virtual Console?

The Switch comes out in less than 4 weeks. After waiting for so many months to even hear the name of the console and to see what it looked like and the games it plays, we have almost reached the moment everyone has been waiting for. Launch is so very close and yet we still

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