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Switchmas Day 10: Launch Day Hopes & Expectations

Hello Everyone! We are in the final leg of our Switchmas journey. In less than  60 hours we will be watching the Switch Presentation and later the Treehouse Showcase! So today I thought it would be fun to talk about my expectation for the Switch on launch day! This will be my predictions on stock

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Switchmas Day 8: Three Big Ways The Switch Can Succeed

Hello Everyone!  Today we are going to be on more of a positive note and talk about the three biggest ways the Switch can succeed. Lets get onto it!  Price: Let’s start off with something that was mentioned in the three big problems. As I mentioned yesterday, if a $250-300 price tag is there I

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Switchmas Day 7: The 3 Big Ways Switch Could Fail

Hello everyone! Today we are going to talk about three of the ways that the Nintendo Switch could fail as a system. I will be mainly talking about potential issues that we know about the Nintendo Switch, with rumors and news being taken into account. I also will be given a way or two that could

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