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Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass Review (Packs 1+2)

Hey guys, HylianHero98 here. So with no prior warning, we saw our first Champions Ballad trailer at the Game Awards, then a couple hours later it was released. I have finished everything from both packs one and two and would like to talk about both packs, separately as well as together to see if the

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Is More Zelda DLC Coming After The Champions Ballad?

Hey guys, the Explorers edition of Breath of the Wild launched today as a Black Friday Deal. The pack included the game, a map, and a special explorers guide talking about tips and tricks about the game. However, there is a section in the back of the book on page 94 it makes a weirdly

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Opinion: Nintendo Should Not Reveal Zelda DLC Pack 2 At The Game Awards

Hey guys, we’re now at the end of November, and still have the promise of the Champions Ballad DLC still coming this year. However we still know next to nothing about it, or have seem any game play since early July. I have heard from many people that they predict it to get a trailer

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Should we be worried about Nintendo’s E3 Spotlight?

The closer we get to E3 the more excited most of us get. The prospect of seeing new footage of games that we haven’t seen in months as well as a bunch of new announcements. Now we approach a potential dilemma with Nintendo. As we know the Nintendo Spotlight will have a focus of games

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HylianHero98’s Nintendo E3 Predictions

Even though in Nintendo’s Press release on the matter of E3, Nintendo said that the focus would be on 2017 games. Do not lose hope for 2018 reveals! Even though I do believe that they will spend a good amount of time during their E3 presence showing and talking about games releasing this year, I […]

Nintendo planning “Legend of Zelda” Mobile App

According to the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is planning on releasing an app based on the popular Legend of Zelda series. Author Takashi Mochizuki wrote: plans to offer its game “The Legend of Zelda” for smartphones, people familiar with the matter said, the latest step by the Kyoto company to expand its mobile-games lineup….The Legend of

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How big will Nintendo’s E3 Presence Be?

Hey Guys! We are just over a month away from the big E3 conference. As we know, the last few years hasn’t been favorable for Nintendo given that last year all they really showed was Zelda and very little new announcements, while 2015 boasted a large amount of lackluster games with a big focus on

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Nintendo Switch Becomes Nintendo’s Fastest Selling System; Zelda Also Setting Records

This is interesting, I recommend reading the entire statement but apparently Zelda sold more copies on the Switch than actual Switch consoles in the month of March. The Switch sold more than 906,000 units in the US alone. The entire PR statement is below. REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nintendo Switch, the new home gaming system that people

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Three unknown Amiibo appeared on Best Buy website, all appear to be Zelda related

Best Buy was listing three new Amiibo earlier today, each one being labeled as ““Nintendo – Amiibo Figure.”  They all said that they were compatible with the Zelda series so we could be led to believe that these are the three 30th Anniversary Amiibo for the Zelda series that were found in Breath of the

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